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TOM = Table of Munchies = a group of foo

It all began with Eightgrains

The story of Eightgrains is the story of two families becoming one, in the mix of starting a new life and ever changing food scene in Christchurch.

We all come from different cultures, either country, city, background of each family, group of friends forms you who you are. We discover ourselves as we go and we fall in love with our legacies and the similarities in the good food we love.

Coming from engineering, science, nursing and cafe backgrounds, the family gets pretty in depth of how healthy and natural, but homey and interesting our food turns out to be. There are far more than you know in traditional Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese food, being Asians who love travelling, living in Christchurch over two decades, we are bound to interpret gastronomy with influences from our past and the new we are discovering everyday.


Good food has no boundary, and should never be boring. There comes Eightgrains, Sushi Soldier, and now Table of Munchies.

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